ContactLAB UICC SWP Emulator Option

ContactLAB UICC SWP Emulator Option

Fully configurable UICC emulator for SWP


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The ContactLAB UICC Emulator for Single Wire Protocol protocol provides a fully configurable card emulation capability for this protocol developed specially for interfacing between a contact smart card and the ContactLess Front end (CLF) of NFC-ready mobile handsets.

For developers of CLF for mobile handsets, ContactLAB provides an easy to-use-platform for testing protocol implementation and all layers of the CLF including the low level Host Controller Interface (HCI) (transport, link management gate, administratin gate, etc.) and the Simplified High Level Data Link Control Layer (SHDLC) (ACT frames, link establishment, data flow, etc.). The ContactLAB hardware platform allows local processing of transactions to ensure the integrity of timing tests. The Windows-based interface facilitates configuration of reader parameters and its analyzer provides signal breakdown from protocol to bit level, search features, statistics and heads-up display of protocol descriptions.

Ordering Information

ContactLAB is delivered as a complete hardware platform so that upgrading the tool with the SWP card emulation capability requires only an upgrade of the firmware license. If you do not already have a ContactLAB, please refer to SC-ContactLAB Card Test product for complete product information.


For complete information about available options, product availability and pricing, please KEOLABS or one of our smart card tool distributors.


Associated Tester

Fully programmable reader emulator, simulator to characterize, test and certify contact cards for ISO 7816 and SWP (HCI, HDLC) conformity

Associated License options

License option for signal capture and ISO7816 protocol analysis for contact smart cards and readers
Requires ContactLAB hardware
ContactLAB software option for emulation of ISO 7816 readers for test of smart cards and UICC
Requires ContactLAB hardware with ContactLAB-7816-SPY option
License option for signal capture and SWP (HCI, HDLC) protocol analysis for contact smart cards, readers and NFC phones
Requires ContactLAB hardware
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