ProxiLAB Quest NFC Card Testing Option

Software license option for ProxiLAB Quest adds emulation of PCD for NFC (includes NFC IP1/IP2, ISO15693, FeliCa) to test smart cards (PICC) and phones

Order : SC-ProxiLAB-Quest-PCD-NFC

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The ProxiLAB Quest smart card testing license option for Near Field Communications (NFC) allows fully configurable reader (PCD) signal emulation for validation of contactless smart cards and NFC handsets that implement the NFC (IP1, IP2), FeliCa, ISO15693 protocols for interface between cards and readers or mobile phones.

With this option, ProxiLAB can test smart cards and NFC phones at digital, protocol and application level with full control of protocol commands, command sequences, and timing.

Tests can be implemented using platform controls of the RGPA software environment, where users can take advantage graphical tool controls, results display with signal breakdown from protocol to bit level, advanced triggering, search features, statistics and heads-up display of protocol descriptions.

Ordering Information

ProxiLAB NFC smart card testing capability requires that you have a ProxiLAB with ISO14443 reader testing capability.

For complete information about available options, product availability and pricing, please KEOLABS or one of our smart card tool distributors.

Associated Hardware Accessories

PCD Antenna and sensing coils for high speed (RExt: 4.7 Ohm) testing of contactless smart cards according to ISO 10373-6
PCD Antenna and sensing coils for high speed (RExt: 2.7 Ohm) testing of contactless smart cards (PICC classes 4 to 6) according to ISO 10373-6
PCD Antenna and sensing coils for testing contactless smart cards implementing ISO 15693 protocol
Poller and Listener reference antennas for testing of NFC objects and systems
Cable for inter-connection of KEOLABS' hardware plarforms
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