NFC Protocol Option

NFC Protocol Option

ProxiSPY NFC, FeliCa, ISO 15693 protocol analysis option with probes adapted to mobile phones and other non-card form factors

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The protocol analysis option regroups support for protocols that are encompassed by Near Field Communication (NFC). This does not include ISO 14443 (A, B) because this protocol is native to the ProxiAPY platform. 

The NFC option enables capture and analysis of communication signals using the NFC, FeliCa and ISO 15693 protocols and displays the relevant descriptions for all protocol-level communications. The supported sub-protocols include:

  • NFCIP-1 - Defines modulation, bit encoding, frame architecture for supported data rates, as well as communication signal interface and general protocol flow
  • NFCIP-2 - Defines selection of the communication mode
  • FeliCa (Sony) proximity protocol regrouped under NFCIP-2
  • ISO 15693 vicinity protocol regrouped under NFCIP-2

This option also includes a set of NFC hardware probes. These probes are antennas specifically adapted to the form factor of the NFC antennas implemented in mobile phones, and small non-card form factors such as NFC tags, USB keys, Key fobs. Their design enables optimal placement and signal capture compared to previous probes developed for antennas integrated in smart cards and traditional readers. The NFC probes work eaqually well for capture and protocol analysis with the standard smart card form factor.

Ordering Information

Any ProxiSPY can be upgraded with this firmware option. The upgrade can be done without returning the hardware to KEOLABS.

For complete information about available options, product availability and pricing, please KEOLABS or one of our smart card tool distributors.

Associated Spy

Innovative protocol analyzer for easy, non-intrusive capture and protocol analysis of communication between contactless cards, readers and mobile...

Associated Hardware Accessories

Signal capture probes adapted to smart objects with non-standard form factors
Requires ProxiSPY hardware
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