NFC probe set for ProxiSPY

NFC probe set for ProxiSPY

Signal capture probes adapted to smart objects with non-standard form factors

Order : SC-ProxiSPY-ProbeNFC

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In the evolution of smart card technology, smart objects are evolving from standard card formats to a variety of form factors; USB keys, tags, key fobs, watches, mobile phones, etc. The antenna sizes, forms, potisioning and casing materials present new challenges for RF signalling and interoperability... and for the tools designed to diagnose problems related to integration and interoperability of contactless smart card technologies.

For the ProxiSPY protocol analyzer, Raisonance has designed and tested a set of probes whose forms are specifically adapted to capture signals from non-standard form factors. The probe set includes two PICC probes whose forms and sizes are adapted in terms of size, form and reception characteristics to ensure optimal signal capture on the widest variety of antenna forms found in smart cards, devices and systems.

Offering a complete set of adapted probes is a key feature supporting ProxiSPY's capabilities for signal capture and protocol analysis on Near Field Communications (NFC) capable objects and systems. Thanks to Raisonance probe technology, ProxiSPY ensures interoperability of NFC objects and systems with both support of the complete range of protocols encountered in the NFC environment, and an unprecedented capability to capture signals from devices with non-standard form factors.

Probes are small for easy handling that facilitates correct positioning straddling the antenna of the target system. They can easily be held in place with velcro pads once the optimal positioning is established.

The NFC probe set includes:

  • One probe for the reader/PCD signal.
  • One probe with double-loop antenna for PICC signal capture. This antenna provides excellent results with the widest range of devices and with most handsets,
  • One probe with alternate circular antenna for PICC signal capture

NFC probes are provided as part of the NFC protocol option, or can be bought independently for use with any ProxiSPY.

Associated Spy

Innovative protocol analyzer for easy, non-intrusive capture and protocol analysis of communication between contactless cards, readers and mobile...

Associated License options

ProxiSPY NFC, FeliCa, ISO 15693 protocol analysis option with probes adapted to mobile phones and other non-card form factors
Requires ProxiSPY hardware

Associated Hardware Accessories

Cable for connection of NFC probes for ProxiSPY
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