Innovative protocol analyzer for easy, non-intrusive capture and protocol analysis of communication between contactless cards, readers and mobile handsets using ISO 14443, ISO 15693, FeliCa and NFC protocols.

Order : SC-ProxiSPY

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ProxiSPY  provides the technology, performance (848 K bps) and protocol support that system integrators and card/reader/handset manufacturers require to diagnose protocol-level problems and test the interoperability of solution components.

Key features

  • Analyze ISO 14443 A/B, NFC 1/2, ISO 15693, Felica
  • Non-intrusive probe technology
  • Full display of signals (Protocol, Byte, Bit, ...)
  • Easy access to protocol-level signal descriptions
  • Interface controls for signal navigation & search

Ordering Information

ProxiSPY product options allow you to add the following functionalities:

  • NFC protocol support
  • ISO 15693 protocol support
  • FeliCa protocol support
  • Sub-carrier analog output

For complete information about available options, product availability and pricing, please KEOLABS or one of our smart card tool distributors.

Associated License options

ProxiSPY NFC, FeliCa, ISO 15693 protocol analysis option with probes adapted to mobile phones and other non-card form factors
Requires ProxiSPY hardware

Associated Hardware Accessories

Cable for connection of NFC probes for ProxiSPY
Signal capture probes adapted to smart objects with non-standard form factors
Requires ProxiSPY hardware
Cable for inter-connection of KEOLABS' hardware plarforms
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  • Rob5x test automation platform