CEN/TS 16794 Standard for Transport Fare Collection

CEN/TS 16794-2 Conformance Certification

Testing services to ensure reliability in fare collection media and systems


The European Committee for Standardization CEN/TS 16794 is the European testing standard for functional validation of contactless (ISO/IEC 14443) fare management system terminals and fare media used in public transport. CEN-TS 16794-2 specifies conformance verification standards to ensure the ISO/IEC 14443 interoperability of:

  • Contactless fare media acting as PICC (cards, mobile phones)
  • Contactless fare management system terminals acting as a PCD contactless reader

Conformance Testing Services

ICUBE Testing Center provides full testing in accordance with the CEN/TS 16794-2 standard for:

  • PICC Analog level implementation
  • PICC Digital and Protocol level implementation
  • PCD Analog level implementation
  • PCD Digital and Protocol level implementation


ICUBE Testing Center is habilited by CNA-PayCert, a certification body applying the certification process defined by Smart Ticketing Alliance.