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Expert, accredited conformance testing for smart cards and related products

KEOLABS Testing Laboratory is an accredited conformance testing provider for smart cards, card readers and related systems. Accredited by the COFRAC (French Accreditation Commitee) under the standard ISO/IEC 17025 v2005 for testing laboratories. This accreditation confirms the Laboratories' impartiality and competence, thus fostering stakeholder confidence and acceptance of its test results. The laboratory conducts conformance testing in accordance with ISO/IEC 10373 (contact and contactless), NFC Forum, ICAO, EAC and ISO/IEC 18013 standards.


For full definition of the testing activity scope including standards and devices tested, contact us or refer to the COFRAC accreditation document No. 1-2468 (available at www.cofrac.fr).

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Testing Services

Conformance testing is conducted in strict adherence with a standard testing specification. It is conducted in a ‘single shot’ mode where samples are clearly pre-identified and tests are performed only once. The customer is not present during test execution and the quality and integrity of the results are ensured by the laboratories' ISO/IEC 17025 management system.

Conformity test reports issued by KEOLABS under COFRAC accreditation are internationally recognized. Thanks to ILAC mutual recognition arrangement, there is no need for duplicative re-testing upon entry to importing countries.

Debug sessions assist customers in identifying specific issues that they must resolve during the development of their products. Debug sessions are conducted in accordance with customer’s needs and may be based on a full test standard (pre-certification), part of a standard or a proprietary test plan associated with a specific issue.

KEOLABS participates in all major standardization processes for the secure transaction and identity sectors, contributing to the evolution of testing standards for methods and tools. Many of our conformance validation solutions, once validated in our laboratories, are available to customers for their own "in house" product validation prior to, or in lieu of engaging in a full product certification.



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