ProxiLAB Quest Contactless Tester

ProxiLAB Quest Contactless Tester

Fully programmable card (PICC), reader (PCD) and NFC signal emulator for device characterization and protocol conformance verification. ProxiLAB Quest offers the performance and features required for full characterization and conformance validation of all 13.56 MHz contactless technologies, including the latest very high bit-rate evolutions. ProxiLAB Quest integrates with a variety of conformance certification solutions and test automation platforms.

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Quest - Master ProxiLAB Instrumentation in a Single Click


KEOLABS’ Quest line of testing tools delivers state of the art characterization capabilities with unprecedented ease-of-use through the new Quest software environment. 

Quest provides characterization tests as preconfigured scenarios. These scenarios control the tester ’s programmable features to enable single-click access to contactless tests such as waveform analysis and performance profiling.

The scenario’s configuration, description, scripts, traces and results are all stored in a workbook file that can be easily shared with others using the free Quest software.




Programmable Features

ProxiLAB Quests' redesigned architecture delivers new features to support device testing and characterization including:

  • Accurate Arbitrary Waveform Generation (AWG)
  • Advanced I/Q demodulation
  • 20 dBm Vectorial Network Analysis (VNA)
  • Pre-equalizer filtering

ProxiLAB Quest emulates both card and reader signals at analog and digital levels and allows full control of all signal parameters to enable:

  • Protocol conformance verification
  • Characterization
  • Card/Reader waveform analysis
  • Card EMD profiling
  • True-waveform signal replay
  • Resonance frequency / Q factor 
  • and more...

Supported  Protocols

  • ISO 14443 (A/B/B’), Mifare™
  • VHBR (ASK, PSK to 27 Mbs)
  • ISO 15693, 18000-3
  • Felica™ (JISX 6319)
  • NFC-IP1, -IP2 (ISO/IEC 18092, ECMA 340)

Hardware Interfaces

  • Ethernet
  • USB 3.1
  • 3 General purpose I/O
  • 2 Extension HDMI 
  • 2 Analog inputs
  • 2 RF outputs

Validation Solutions & Test Benches

ProxiLAB Quest integrates into qualified testing solutions and benches that are used in conformance verification for a variety of standards including:

Ordering Information

ProxiLAB Quest capabilities are determined by the produt options that your order. Options can be added at anytime to add product features. This allows users to order the features that they require chossing from:

  • Emulation of reader (PCD) or card (PICC) signals
  • Digital only or digital and analog level controls.
ProxiLAB Quest includes all the probes and cords required for its use with the ordered feature options. Reference probes and antennas that are specific to a norm (ISO/IEC 10373-6, NFC Forum, EMVCo, etc.) must be ordered as additional accessories.
For complete information about available options, pricing, accessories to order and availability, please contact KEOLABS' sales or your regional KEOLABS' distributor.

Associated License options

Software license option for ProxiLAB Quest adds analog control of emulated reader (PCD) signals when testing smart cards (PICC)
Requires ProxiLAB with SC-ProxiLAB-PCD-AB option
Software license option for ProxiLAB Quest adds emulation of PCD ISO14443 A/B to test smart cards (PICC)
Requires ProxiLAB hardware
Software license option for ProxiLAB Quest adds emulation of PCD for NFC (includes NFC IP1/IP2, ISO15693, FeliCa) to test smart cards (PICC) and...
Requires ProxiLAB with SC-ProxiLAB-PCD-AB option
ProxiSPY NFC, FeliCa, ISO 15693 protocol analysis option with probes adapted to mobile phones and other non-card form factors
Requires ProxiSPY hardware

Associated Hardware Accessories

Cable for connection of NFC probes for ProxiSPY
PCD Antenna and sensing coils for high speed (RExt: 4.7 Ohm) testing of contactless smart cards according to ISO 10373-6
Signal capture probes adapted to smart objects with non-standard form factors
Requires ProxiSPY hardware
PCD Antenna and sensing coils for high speed (RExt: 2.7 Ohm) testing of contactless smart cards (PICC classes 4 to 6) according to ISO 10373-6
PCD Antenna and sensing coils for testing contactless smart cards implementing ISO 15693 protocol
Poller and Listener reference antennas for testing of NFC objects and systems
Cable for inter-connection of KEOLABS' hardware plarforms