50cm SMA/SMA Platform Inter-connection Cable

50cm SMA/SMA Platform Inter-connection Cable

Cable for inter-connection of KEOLABS' hardware plarforms

Order : SC-Cable-SMA/SMA-50cm

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50 cm, 50 ohm cable with SMA/SMA connectors allows users to inter-connect Raisonance hardware platforms in specific test configurations, for example:

  • ProxiLAB - ContactLAB for concurrent testing of NFC handset contact SWP and contactless NFC interfaces
  • ProxiSPY - ContactLAB (with Spy options) for full visibility of RF and contact communications in an NFC handset (NFC, SWP, ISO7816 interfaces)


Associated Tester

Fully programmable reader emulator, simulator to characterize, test and certify contact cards for ISO 7816 and SWP (HCI, HDLC) conformity

Associated Spy

Innovative protocol analyzer for easy, non-intrusive capture and protocol analysis of communication between contactless cards, readers and mobile...

Associated License options

ContactLAB software option for emulation of ISO 7816 readers for test of smart cards and UICC
Requires ContactLAB hardware with ContactLAB-7816-SPY option
  • KEOLABS Testing Platforms, Solutions and Services
  • ProxiLAB Quest Platform Product Release