1x8-port USB 2.0 Multiplexing Switch (Rob5x)

1x8-port USB 2.0 Multiplexing Switch (Rob5x)

USB Switch enabling PC connection to up to 8 USB devices for control and automation of testing equipment

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KEOLABS’ USB Switch allows a PC to connect to up to 8 USB devices and communicate with each device one at a time thus allowing central, automated control of multiple USB-based devices in a testing or design environment.

The USB Switch multiplexes both data and 5V power from 1 input USB port to 8 output USB ports. All output ports can be active in parallel and each port can be turned on and off individually.

In addition to USB ports, the switch provides auxiliary signal and power output to control annex equipment in the testing or design environment.

Main Features

  • PC-controlled 1x8 multiplexer for USB devices
  • Input-ports: 1 x USB A-Port
  • Output-ports: 
    • 8x USB B-Ports
    • 2 auxiliary signal outputs
    • 3 5V auxiliary power outputs (1 automatic, 2 piloted)
  • Connection for control-PC: 1 x USB A-Port
  • USB 2.0 compliant
  • Works with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10


Associated Hardware Accessories

Vacuum accessory for autonomous handling of cards during testing
Bench assembly for calibration of NFC Forum poller/listener antennas