ISO/IEC 18013 Test Standard

ISO/IEC 18013 Driving License Conformance Solutions

Solutions for reliable, secure contactless electronic driving license

The ISO/IEC 18013 standard establishes guidelines for the design format and data content of ISO/IEC-compliant driving licences (IDL) with regard to human-readable features (ISO/IEC 18013-1), machine-readable technologies (ISO/IEC 18013‑2), and access control, authentication and integrity validation (ISO/IEC 18013-3). It creates a common basis for international use and mutual recognition of the IDL without impeding individual countries/states from applying their privacy rules and national/community/regional motor vehicle authorities in taking care of their specific needs.

KEOLABS provides complete test solutions for pre-certification and certification of application level conformance of electronic driving licenses under international ISO/IEC 18013 standard. The solution conforms fully with relevant European Union directives for harmonized EU-wide electronic driving license:

  • European Commission Directive 2006/126/EC of 20 December 2006 O.J. EC No L 403/18
  • Commission Directive 2011/94/EU of 28 November 2011
  • Commission Directive EU 383/2012 of 4 May 2012

KEOLABS' ISO/IEC 18013 Test Solution is a SCRIPTIS-based solution that is available to users for "in house" evaluation of their products during development before engaging in a formal certification. solution allows full application-level validation of smart cards covering access controls, document authentication, data integrity, etc. The solution is complemented by hardware/software solutions for analog and digital functional validation under the ISO/IEC 10373-6 and ISO/IEC 7816 standards.

Conformance Testing Services

KEOLABS Testing Laboratory provides services of debugging and conformance certification of electronic driving licenses for the ISO/IEC 18013 standard and relevant European Commission directives concerning implementation for EU countries.


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