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As the role of technology in daily life continues to increase, so do our collective concerns about its reliability and security. In the race for continual innovation, KEOLABS' solutions and services are key to keeping pace with technology and validating product innovations.

Know innovation...

A supplier of application development and testing tools for more than a quarter century, KEOLABS teams have experienced the challenges of innovation. Through succesive generations of technology, KEOLABS' teams have provided tools to help engineers explore and take advantage of innovations in microelectronics. Today, that collective experience combined with proven expertise in the latest generations of smart objects and microcontrollers allow KEOLABS to offer a complete range of solutions and services for exploring technologies, realizing innovations and certifying products for a variety of secure, high-reliability applications.

Accompany innovation...

Whether companies are exploring new technologies, validating design choices or qualifying a product for a specific application, KEOLABS can accompany product development with microcontroller application development tools, smart card test platforms, standard specific test solutions and accredited certification services. KEOLABS' end-to-end offer includes tools for exploring technology and transforming early trials into working prototypes, and signal emulation and analysis technology that speeds the fine-tuning of hardware and software designs. Where necessary KEOLABS' expert validation solutions and services allow companies to certify technology for use in payment, identity, access control, mobile telephone and other highly regulated secure applications.


Companies around the world rely on KEOLABS for expert support, consulting and testing services. KEOLABS accompanies its customers with teams located in Europe and Asia, a network of specialized distributors with offices worldwide and always-on web-based support services.


Company Fact Sheet

Type: SAS (Société Anonyme Simplifié equivalent Public Limited Company)
Capital: 520,090 Euros
Employees: 42
Activities: Smart Card Testing Solutions, Smart Card Certification
Origins: Result of fusion of French companies Raisonance SAS (founded in 1988) and Soliatis SAS (Founded in 2003)
Headquarters: Montbonnot, France
Offices: Salon-de-Provence France, Seoul Korea
Distributors: Smart Card Tools  -  North America, China, Japan
  Microcontroller Tools - Belgium, China, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, USA