Origins of KEOLABS

KEOLABS resulted from the fusion of two leading companies in the tool and test sector of the microelectronics industry: Raisonance and Soliatis. Motivation for the merger of the two companies is a natural outflow of complementary product and service offerings. This complementarity allows KEOLABS to propose an end-to-end offer covering technology prototyping, validation and certification. To this offer, both companies bring strong and extensive product ranges and histories marked by expertise and innovation.

The Origins of KEOLABS




Raisonance site in MontbonnotRaisonance, founded in 1988 and located near Grenoble in the French Alps, has provided tools supporting development and validation of microcontroller applications for 23 years. Raisonance continues to serve leading microcontroller manufacturers such as STMicroelectronics, NXP, Silicon Laboratories and Inside Secure with compiler, debugging and programming tools supporting leading core technologies like ARM, 8051, PowerPC and several proprietary cores.

This principle activity resulted in the development of high performance System on Chip technology that is now at the heart of Raisonance’s laboratory line of emulators and signal analyzers. This Raisonance technology combined with the companies’ expertise in contactless and contact signaling technologies used in secure components culminated with the introduction of a line of signal emulators and protocol analyzers Raisonance engineering teamsfor testing smart cards and card readers in 2005.

The smart card tool offer has since grown to encompass laboratory lines for contactless devices (ProxiLAB and ProxiSPY) and contact devices (ContactLAB). The most recent introduction to this line is the NomadLAB signal analyzer designed for users requiring only the higher protocol and application levels of signal analysis. This complete line now covers testing of the broad range of smart card signaling technologies including NFC, ISO14443, FeliCa, ISO15693, SWP (HCI, HDLC) and ISO7816.

Raisonance smart card tool customers include leading component developers (STMicroelectronics, Samsung, Texas Instrument, Inside Secure, NXP, ...), device integrators (Gemalto, Oberthur, G&D, ...) system designers, implementers and certification authorities. In this context, Raisonance collaborated extensively with Soliatis to provide customers turn key solutions for testing smart card technology in accordance with a range of industry standards.


Soliatis, was created in 2002 in Salon de Provence, France, and has established itself as a leading center of expertise for RF test solutions for the smart card industry. With a focus on continuous evolution, Soliatis has grown its test offer to cover a range of contactless card technologies for payment and identity applications to include Near Field Communication (NFC) for mobile phones.

Soliatis’ extensive experience in the RF secure transactions testing allows the company to offer a comprehensive range of testing tools complemented by expert consulting and training services. Soliatis engineers participate in all major standardization processes, and are at the origin of the recent Supplementary Access Control (SAC) standard test plan endorsed by ICAO.

Taking advantage of Soliatis recognized expertise in consulting and test tool development for ISO7816, ISO14443, ICAO, NFC, the company created a certification laboratory in 2008. Soliatis LAB is an accredited laboratory offering a complete range of testing services within its facilities for qualification of smart card technologies in accordance with industry standards such as ISO10373-6, NFC Forum, EMV, ICAO, etc.

The skilled engineering staff of Soliatis LAB is specialized in testing and certification processes including project and quality management. The laboratory is accredited ISO/IEC 17025 for qualification of testing and calibration laboratories - by the COFRAC (French Accreditation Comity). The lab implements and maintains a complete quality system covering organizational processes, operating procedures, test methods, equipment calibration and staff competencies to ensure quality, traceability and reproducibility of certification test results.

Raisonance site in Montbonnot