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Solutions to meet your product innovation and development challenges


We all know the frustration of not having the right tool for a job. And we have experienced the advantages that come from having tools that are adapted to us and the challenges that we face. The keys to product success are often having those tool and test solutions that allow us to explore, conceive, materialize and validate our innovations.

Tools to Explore and Innovate

Exploring and understanding are the path to discovery. The right hardware and software tools combine to make prototyping solutions that are key to innovating with speed, confidence and ease. Tool performance and adaptability allow KEOLABS to offer complete solutions that allow you to better understand, navigate, and master the complexities of rapidly changing technologies.

On the way from conception to finished product, having tools that are adapted to your needs is key to materializing innovations and meeting objectives. KEOLABS smart card test platforms and microcontroller tools adapt to provide pertinent functionality and performance to meet the challenges creating and testing innovations. We focus on providing design facilitators and pertinent, contemporary features so that you can pass rapidly from technology evaluation to implementation in your own products.

Solutions to Validate Innovation

For interoperability, high reliability and security, the right test solutions and services are key to reaching your markets before the competition. KEOLABS test solutions facilitate your access to and mastery of complex test criteria and standards. Our expert teams go the extra mile to master industry functional and test standards. That expertise allows us to convert complexity into simple push-button interfaces and clear, concise reporting of test procedures and results.


The keys to product success are often the tools that allow us to explore, conceive, materialize and validate innovations. KEOLABS accompanies you in your development processes by providing the tools you need in solutions that are adapted to the challenges that you face.

Tools and Services to Certify Products