Platforms for Smart Card, Reader & NFC testing



KEOLABS Introduces ProxiLAB Quest at Trustech 2016, Cannes!

New Testing Platform Delivers Single-Click Characterization of Contactless Cards, Readers, Mobiles

ProxiLAB Quest fully retooled testing platform and Quest software environment deliver single-click control of advanced performance testing for 13.56 MHz contactless technologies in smart cards, readers and NFC enabled objects. With its revised architecture, ProxiLAB Quest provides capabilities that include 20 dBm Vectorial Network Analysis (VNA), Accurate Arbitrary Waveform Generation (AWG), Advanced I/Q demodulation and Pre-equalizer filtering.




Explore, Characterize & Validate Contactless & Contact Technologies

KEOLABS' testing and diagnostic platforms for smart cards facilitate exploration and implementation of current and future smart card communication technologies. These complete hardware and software platforms allow users to rapidly understand contact and 13.56 MHz contactless technologies, verify design choices in their prototypes and validate finished products with speed, confidence and ease.

Testing platforms support a range of contact and contactless card technologies, offering both analog and digital signal emulation for active testing and signal capture and protocol analysis (a.k.a. spy) capability interoperability troubleshooting.

Complete Hardware / Software Testing Packages

KEOLABS' Testing Platforms are complete hardware/software packages that allow users to rapidly take advantage of their tools signal emulation and signal analysis capabilites. The Real-time General Purpose Analyzer (RGPA) is the included Windows-based software environment for configuration, control and viewing captured data from the full range of KEOLABS smart card and NFC testing platforms. Software features...

Test platforms can also be driven using scripted controls or using a SCRIPTIS-based conformance certification solution.


Tester -Full Tester - Application Spy - Full Spy - Byte level

Smart Card Testing
   ISO14443 ProxiLAB   ProxiSPY NomadLAB
   NFC ProxiLAB   ProxiSPY NomadLAB
   FeliCa ProxiLAB   ProxiSPY NomadLAB
   ISO15693 ProxiLAB   ProxiSPY  
   ISO7816 ContactLAB   ContactLAB NomadLAB
   SWP (HCI/HDLC) ContactLAB   ContactLAB NomadLAB

Reader Testing
   ISO14443 ProxiLAB NomadLAB ProxiSPY NomadLAB
   NFC ProxiLAB   ProxiSPY NomadLAB
   FeliCa ProxiLAB   ProxiSPY NomadLAB
   ISO15693 ProxiLAB   ProxiSPY  
   ISO7816   NomadLAB ContactLAB NomadLAB

NFC Testing
   NFC contactless interface ProxiLAB   ProxiSPY NomadLAB
   SWP (HCI/HDLC) ContactLAB   ContactLAB NomadLAB
   SPI (for eSE testing) ContactLAB   ContactLAB  
   I2C (for eSE testing) ContactLAB   ContactLAB  




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