Validation Solutions

KEOLABS EMVCo Testing Solution

KEOLABS provides standard-specific testing solutions that facilitate the rapid and complete validation of smart cards, readers and smart objects. Solutions are available to verify products from the analog and digital layers up to application layer for smart cards, card readers and a range of NFC related products (mobile phones, cards, readers, tags, key fobs, ...).

The test suites are implemented in KEOLABS' SCRIPTIS software environment and are based on KEOLABS' test platforms and accessories to ensure mastery of the complete test solution and ease-of-use in installation and operation.

KEOLABS' solutions are used and validated in our Testing Laboratory where they must meet the constraints of standards conformance and reliability.


Analog/digital validation solutions

KEOLABS provides complete solutions including analog test bench and productivity accessories to facilitate your in-house validation contactless smart cards and readers at the analog and digital levels for a variety of industry standards including:

  • EMVCo standard for cards, mobiles and readers in payment applications
  • ICAO standard for epassports and readers in identity applications
  • CEN TS 16794-2 standard for contactless fare media and readers in transportation applications
  • ISO10373-6 for smart cards and readers
  • FeliCa industry standard

NFC validation solutions

KEOLABS solutions validate the analog and the digital layers of NFC mobile phones, cards, readers and other related objects. Available solutions cover standards that include:

Application validation solutions

KEOLABS provides complete test solutions supporting in-house validation of smart cards and readers in accordance with industry standards for specific application types including:

  • Identity applications
    • ICAO standards for eMRTD and inspection systems
    • ISO18013 (part 4) standard for eDrivers license
    • IAS ECC standard for EU identity card
  • Payment applications
    • EMVCo standard for cards, mobiles and readers
  • Ticketing and Fare Collection
    • CIPURSE standard for smart cards, tags, NFC phones, secure components



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