KEOLABS Technical Support

Product Technical Support

Our engineering support team is here to provide you expert technical assistance for your KEOLABS products

All KEOLABS solutions and platforms benefit from our manufacturer guaranty and a one year, renewable Support and Maintenance Contract. Support services for KEOLABS' products include:

  • Access to direct support via email and telephone
  • Access to software downloads including updates and patches
  • Material maintenance, repairs and tool calibration


Need Technical Assistance?

For your Smart Card Testing Platforms and Certification Solutions, contact our support team through our Help Desk system.

Need to Renew Your Product's Support & Maintenance Contract?

Request a price quotation by email using our contact form. Please include the following information in your message:

  • Product name
  • Serial number
  • Names of functional licenses you have purchased for the product

Management of Waste Electrical Equipment

The Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) initiative has been put in place to support recuperation and disposal of unused electronic goods. Under the WEEE initiative, KEOLABS participates by contributing to European orgnisations dezignated for recuperation of electronic waste. Please contact local organizations for electronic waste disposal for more information on free disposal.

If you have questions about disposing waste electronic good, please mail us via our contact form.