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NFCF_Approved Test Tool

The NFC Forum provides international test specifications for functional validation at the analog and protocol levels of phones, tags, devices and other systems implementing the NFC protocol in 13.56 Mhz contactless communications. These specifications are the foundation for ensuring the reliability and interoperability of NFC systems and devices. The NFC Forum specifications and derived testing solutions allow conformance assessment of:

  • End-user contactless devices (smart cards (PICC), tags, keyfobs, NFC handsets)
  • Packaged devices (inlays, modules)
  • Embedded integrated circuits (hardware chips, secure elements)

KEOLABS provides complete testing solutions developed and qualified in accordance with NFC Forum requirements. KEOLABS' test suites are used in SCRIPTIS™ testing environment which facilitates testing with automation features such as visual cues and aids for manual testing, or robot integration for fully automated testing. SCRIPTIS provides full visibility of test results including logs and traces of communications between the test bench and the tested device. The user controls all the characteristics of the tests such as data exchanged, timing, protocol errors, etc. Testing parameters can also be modified from a configuration file.

The scripts can be duplicated and modified, so that users can adapt them to their own in-house testing needs using SCRIPTIS editing and debugging features.

NFC Forum Validation SolutionsNFC Forum Test Bench

KEOLABS' Analog, Digital and SNEP/LLCP test suites for NFC Forum testing allow validation of the analog, digital-level and SNEP/LLCP implementations of devices in polling or listening modes for use in NFC applications.

The testing solutions are complemented by a complete test bench that includes EMVCo testing accessories, which are developed in strict conformance their testing standards.

The following validation solutions are available for conformance verification:

Validation Solution NFC Forum Certification
Release Versions
NFC Forum for Digital Protocol Testing CR8 NFCF_Approved Test Tool
  CR9 NFCF_Approved Test Tool
  CR10 NFCF_Approved Test Tool
NFC Forum for Analog Testing CR8 NFCF_Approved Test Tool
  CR9 NFCF_Approved Test Tool
  CR10         In Qualification
NFC Forum for LLCP and SNEP Testing CR8 NFCF_Approved Test Tool
  CR9 NFCF_Approved Test Tool
  CR10 NFCF_Approved Test Tool


Additional Related Solutions

  • ISO/IEC 10373-6: International standard for functional validation of secure components implementing ISO 14443 standard RF communications
  • UICC SWP Test Solution
    (SHDLC) ETSI TS 102 694-2
    (HCI) ETSI TS 102 695-2
  • Contactless Front End SWP Test Solution
    (SHDLC) ETSI TS 102 694-1
    (HCI) ETSI TS 102 695-1


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