Rob5x Testing Robot Accessories

Probe Kits and Accessories

Probes and accessories enable test bench automation for specific standards including NFC Forum, ISO10373-6 and EMV

To facilitate automation of test benches and to conform to test standards, KEOLABS provides complete standard-specific accessory kits. Rob5x accessories are designed to conform to testing standards and to meet the real challenges users encounter during testing. Kits include all of the cables and connection accessories required for implementation in the specified test bench.

Rob5x reference antennas correspond to specific standards as do all KEOLABS' reference antennas. In addition, Rob5x reference antennas include holders specifically designed to faclitate their connection to the robot.

Standard-specific accessory kits include:

  • ISO 10373-6 kits with PICC reference antennas
  • NFC Forum kit with poller/listener probes

For more information refer to the table of products below, or contact KEOLABS sales.


Video demonstrations

Rob5x & Smart Card vacuum pickup NFC testing demo with Rob5x robot
NFC & Rob5x robot NFC testing demo with Rob5x robot
Interoperability & Rob5x robot Samsung interoperability test with Rob5x robot