RGPA - Real-time General Purpose Analyzer

RGPA - Real-time General Purpose Analyzer

Free software environment for all KEOLABS' smart card testing platforms provides precise display of captured signals, and intuitive controls that are tailored to each supported platform.

Software environment common to all KEOLABS' test platforms provides:

  • Complete control of all platform parameters
  • Viewing of communication streams in easy-to-interpret graphical display
  • Quick, easy access to signal descriptions from the supporting protocols
  • Easy-access to statistics and search functions

Real-time General Purpose Analyzer (RGPA) is the Windows-based software environment for configuration, control and viewing captured data from the full range of KEOLABS smart card and NFC testing platforms.

Configure & Control Testing Platforms

RGPA provides a tool workspace that is tailored to the connected KEOLABS hardware platform (ProxilAB, ContactLAB, ProxiSPY or NomadLAB). The tool workspace includes a variety of graphical controls for enabling, configuring and driving the emulation and/or spy capabilities of the platform connected to the PC.

RGPA - Real-time General Purpose AnalyzerExplore & Understand Captured Signals

RGPA controls recoding of signal transactions that occur during testing or spying of smart card or NFC components or systems. Captured signals are displayed as they are transmitted to the PC. When recording is stopped, the user can review the captured signals in List, Timing Diagram, Sequence and Dump views that allow full access to captured data.

To assists users in making sense of large quantities of captured data, RGPA provides conceptual representations of the data. These graphical representations of exchanges facilitate comprehension by showing exchanges in terms of transmission/reception by card or reader. A graphical timing diagram with representations from Protocol Command level down to Byte and Bit levels provides an environment for precise measuring of signal timings. A Description view provides concise descriptions of protocols level commands with contextual information about data exchanged during the current capture. These views are complemented with search and statistics features.

RGPA - Real-time General Purpose AnalyzerTest a Wide Range of Protocols

The RGPA environment is the common software interface for driving all KEOLABS' testing platforms which allow users to implement a wide range of smart card communication protocols:

All RGPA functionalities that are specific to output, capture and analysis of communications using a specific protocol are enabled by a hardware platform (ProxiLAB, ProxiSPY, or ContactLAB) and the protocol or functional options bought by the customer.

RGPA is a free software environment that can be installed widely in a users' company for sharing of test results.

Try it out. RGPA is available for free download from the support extranet site.

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