SWP Smart Card Testing Platforms

Test platforms for Single Wire Protocol (SWP) including HCI and HDLC layers, emulate reader to card signals and analyze card responses, or spy on devices to capture and analyze signals between card and reader

KEOLABS provides two all-in-one tools - ContactLAB, NomadLAB, that facilitate design validation and interoperability testing of mobile platforms implementing the Single Wire Protocol (SWP).

SWP provides a means for interfacing between the UICC (a.k.a. USIM card) and the ContactLess Front end (CLF) implemented in mobile handsets to support near field communications.

Platforms also support the ISO7816 protocol, an industry standard contact signalling protocol for smart cards.

ContactLAB signal emulator, spy and protocol analyzer provides laboratory class capabilities for validation and certification of contact smart cards / UICC. It is implemented in application-specifc and functional certification solutions for the SWP and ISO7816 standards.

NomadLAB provides communication spy and protocol analysis capabilities on a platform that is both easily portable and tailored to provide the diagnostic information to support application developers, and engineering teams who are maintaining and supporting fielded smart card products.





Test Platforms, Options & Accessories


Fully programmable reader emulator, simulator to characterize, test and certify contact cards for ISO 7816 and SWP (HCI, HDLC) conformity
Fully programmable signal emulator, simulator to characterize, test and certify ISO 7816 and SWP (HCI, HDLC) implementation in mobile phones


Laboratory class spy and protocol analyzer for easy, non-intrusive capture and analysis of communication between contact cards and readers using...
Autonomous, all-in-one spy and protocol analyzer for easy capture and analysis of communication between contact cards, readers and mobile phones...

License options

License option for signal capture and SWP (HCI, HDLC) protocol analysis for contact smart cards, readers and NFC phones
Requires ContactLAB hardware
ContactLAB software option for emulation of SWP (HCI, HDLC) readers for test of smart cards and UICC
Requires ContactLAB hardware with ContactLAB-SWP-SPY option

Hardware Accessories

Cable for connection of NFC probes for ProxiSPY
Cable for inter-connection of KEOLABS' hardware plarforms